CLIA CEO Launches Blog and Twitter

Improved communication and member feedback are key objectives for Cruise Lines international Association (CLIA) CEO Christine Duffy who reports the launch of two new social media accounts: a Twitter feed and CEO Blog. 

“With such a dynamic, changing industry, CLIA is committed to keeping our members and vacationers informed on every platform possible.  I look forward to these new ways to share my thoughts on the industry and the latest news, and engaging with consumers, CLIA members, and news media,” Duffy said.

Duffy’s Twitter,, will allow her to interact in real time with members, consumers and news media, CLIA said. In turn, Duffy’s blog,, will allow her, and guest bloggers from various facets of the cruise industry, to share their perspectives on the latest industry news, issues and trends, and will allow moderated comments to engage a wider community in discussion on these issues.

Current posts include: 'Growth, opportunity, and an optimistic outlook for cruising in 2013' and a look at 'The Truth About Crime and Crime Reporting'. 

Addressing media sensationalism on crime on cruise ships, she comments:"In recent weeks….a handful of biased industry critics continue to use the mainstream media to distort the cruise industry’s strong record on crime reporting and significantly over-inflate the number of crimes occurring onboard cruise ships. These claims could not be further from the truth."

" Passengers on a cruise ship are at no greater risk from crime than they are anywhere they may decide to travel -- this is supported by statistical data. It is unfortunate that media outlets rely on insights and statistics developed by a small minority of vocal, biased critics of the cruise industry, that have not been reviewed or validated by any federal law enforcement agencies, and present them as the truth, " Duffy said.


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