CMO Council: Flight Delays, Cancellations Leading Causes of Traveler Stress


According to the Chief Marketing Officer Council travelers’ biggest pet peeve is flight delays and cancellations. The recent study surveyed 2,100 global travelers what the most stressful aspects of travel are in addition to the top ways to ensure hassle-free travel.

The remaining four spots of travelers’ top five biggest causes of stress are: researching deals, sickness or injury, handling crowds and congestion, and luggage problems. Travelers are doing more research on destinations, seeking better travel deals, and purchasing travel insurance to protect against travel disruptions, emergency medical needs, and other global risks. 

Some of the top ways to reduce stress, according to those surveyed are: ensuring tourism content is current and accurate, controlling crime and panhandling, verifying travel deals, providing recourse in the event of emergencies, providing travel insurance at airports, and maintaining clean and efficient transportation.

The research was conducted by the CMO Council's GeoBranding Center in partnership with AIG Travel via an online survey fielded this summer by the CMO Council and Travelzoo, a global media commerce company with more than 28 million members worldwide. 

Other notable results from the survey include: travelers’ top pet peeve while on an airplane are people who kick their chair; almost half of those surveyed said they have no problem traveling with anyone; planning via a trusted online source was by far the top way to relieve stress; and western Europe remains the top travel destination for global travelers. 

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