Collette Adds Agent-Friendly Features to Web

Collette Vacations has converted its 2009 brochures to online electronic VMAGs. Now, travel agents can go right to a VMAG on the brochure order page and send to a client, or download for future reference, without ever worrying about limited rack space or running out of brochures, Collette says.

Other online features include booking commissionable, pre-sold options from Collette’s site. This provides agents with an additional and easy way to earn revenue. Also newly launched is a tour comparison tool that allows agents to select up to three tours for a side-by-side comparison of price, inclusions and experiences.

“As part of our efforts to ’Go Green’ and to deliver information more quickly to travel agents, we have converted our printed brochures to electronic versions. This way agents don’t have to wait for snail-mail delivery if they don’t want to, and we all save a few trees in the process,” said Cyndi Zesk, Collette’s vice president of marketing.  “Plus, agents can send pages via email to interested clients or simply print specific pages to deliver more customized fulfillment to their client.”

The VMAGS allow agents to send specific itineraries via email; print pages; save as a PDF for later reference; and flip pages. Agents can also use a search brochure using keywords, as well as zoom, send e-postcards to clients and search using an index page, Collette says.

“We have heard from many travelers that they want to know exactly what costs they will incur when traveling,” said Zesk.  “So, we launched commissionable pre-sold options to provide agents with an additional revenue stream and, for travelers, the ability to better budget and plan their trips.”

To reserve options pre-tour from Collette’s homepage, agents can search for any tour, view the itinerary and choose the optional excursion their client is interested in. For clients who are unsure which Collette tour is right for them, the tour-comparison feature gives them the chance to compare up to three different itineraries side by side, ensuring they find the vacation that fulfills their travel needs

Since its redesign earlier this year, Collette Vacations’ website,, has earned the “Travel Standard of Excellence” award from the Web Marketing Association, and continues to incorporate new features that make the online experience an easy and enjoyable one for travel agents.

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