Companies Should Assess Business Travel Coverage

It's more important than ever for companies to carefully assess their travel-related insurance needs, advised the US Travel Insurance Association. Citing statistics from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the association said that business travelers account for more than 15 percent of all outbound travel.

The organization also pointed out that policies for corporate travel and/or expatriate policies are usually customized to meet each company‚s needs. For example, a large multinational company, nonprofit organization or other business whose employees frequently travel or work abroad will usually select a comprehensive program that provides 24 hour/7 day medical and other assistance, including international safety and security-related services.

A comprehensive policy, the US Travel Insurance Organization suggested, might cover:

    * Travel risk management, providing international intelligence briefings and consulting on safety and security. This would include travel alerts on potentially dangerous areas, and health and safety-related information by destination.

    * Assistance services to help coordinate medical treatment for illness or injury, arrange medical evacuations and provide emergency legal consultation and referrals.

    * Emergency security to evacuate employees in times of turmoil or potentially dangerous situations.

    * Medical treatment for accidents and illness while abroad.

    * Baggage loss or delay, including business equipment.

Other types of coverage include:

    * War Risk policies which provide special coverage for employees working in a war zone or other potentially dangerous areas.

    * Foreign workers‚ compensation.

    * Expatriate Travel Medical policies for employees and their families with long-term assignments abroad.  These policies provide medical coverage similar to traditional U.S. domestic health insurance.

Travel insurance and assistance services can play an important role in any travel management program, helping companies contain costs, mitigate legal liability and retain quality employees, said the organization.  

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