Copenhagen Releases Passenger Survey

Cruise Copenhagen Network has released its latest Passenger Survey with a look at cruise passengers in the city. 

Based on the survey period of collecting data between June and August 2014, of the 944 respondents participating (63 percent turnaround; and 37 percent transit), 86 percent were very satisfied with their visit to the Danish capital, with 78 percent stating the visit was better than expected; and 66 percent of the passengers participated in a shore excursion purchased by the cruise line, 67 percent stating that the tour provided great value for money.

The survey confirmed 72 percent were over the age of 50 years; 69 percent were visiting Copenhagen for the first time; the majority of respondents came from Germany, 24 percent; with 17 percent from the U.S.; and 13 percent from the UK.

Survey respondents were very satisfied with the activities in which they participated ashore – 77 percent with the variety of things to do; 72 percent with the friendliness of the locals; and 68 percent with the welcome services – a noteworthy increase since the last survey in 2012. Three out of four would also recommend to friends, either a cruise to Copenhagen, or a visit to the city.

Of the transit passengers, 53 percent spent 2-4 hours ashore and 37 percent spent 4-8 hours ashore; and their average expenditure was 549 DKK per passenger. Most turnaround passengers stayed in hotels (94%) with 54 percent staying in Copenhagen pre-cruise and 87 percent post-cruise. The average expenditure for turnaround passengers was considerably higher, 2,994 DKK per passenger.

Of the top 5 sights in Copenhagen, the Tivoli Gardens were the most visited, followed closely by the Canal Tours, Amalienborg Palace and Museum, Christianborg Palace and Rosenborg Castle.

Additionally, over the past 10 years, Copenhagen has seen: turnarounds increase from 60 in 2000, to 129 in 2014; calls increase from 193 in 2000, to 313 in 2014; and passengers increase from 166,000 in 2000, to 740,000 in 2014.