Corporation for Travel Promotion CEO Makes Debut



Jim Evans, the newly named CEO of the Corporation for Travel Promotion (CTP), made his debut at U.S. Travel Association's International Pow Wow in San Francisco this week. Evans pledged to have marketing plans in place by the fall and to work in collaboration with partners from around the country and the world. The CTP is charged with expanding travel to the U.S.

"There are many programs and assets that exist within the U.S. and abroad that employ great talent within our industry, and the CTP plans to utilize these capabilities to enhance our first-ever nationally coordinated marketing program and achieve the highest possible return on our investment," said Evans.

"We look forward to working with all of our stakeholders including the states, destinations, companies, Visit USA, See America and Discover America Committees, as they are the experts in this field,” Evans said.

Evans outlined three priorities that he is focused on in his first days as CEO: building a world-class organization by hiring top talent in marketing, sales, partnerships and operations; developing a marketing strategy that will achieve high return on investment for the industry and the country and creating a program for securing financial participation that contributes real and measurable value to supporters.

The CTP is a nonprofit corporation created by Congress for the purpose of promoting foreign leisure, business and scholarly travel to the United States and maximizing the economic and social benefits of that travel for communities across the country.


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