Cruise Holidays Offers Training for New Sales Agents

Cruise Holidays has announced a new, comprehensive online training curriculum for agencies to attract, train and retain outside sales agents. The outside agent training program was one of the major announcements during the Cruise Holidays Annual Convention, held November 2-7, 2009.

“The initial feedback from our franchise owners has been overwhelmingly positive, mainly because it will help them find new ways to grow by supporting their independent contractors and agents,” said Cruise Holidays Vice President Mark Schiffner. “Two of the biggest problems facing our owners today is finding good people, and finding time to train and support them. We are now providing a training framework so they can be more successful.”

The outside agent training program consists of more than 50 hours of programming, covering virtually all aspects of getting started as an independent contractor. Training categories include – but are not limited to – setting up a home office, an introduction to the cruise and tour industries, and Cruise Holidays programs for more profitability.

The online programs consists of videos as well as live and pre-recorded Webinars. Furthermore, most of the training can be done completely on the agent’s own time. They can start, stop and review lessons on-demand.

Cruise Holidays is the oldest cruise-specialty retail franchise in North America, with stores and home-based franchisees in both the U.S. and Canada. Cruise Holidays is also a distinguished provider of land tour vacation packages.

Founded in 1984, Cruise Holidays is part of Travel Leaders Group. With approximately 1,500 travel agency locations in the United States and Canada, Travel Leaders Group serves millions of individual leisure travelers, as well as select corporate clients and destinations.