CruiseOne Launches Financing Plan for Agents

CruiseOne reports it is launching its first-ever Franchise Financing Plan for prospective franchise owners. As part of the new program, incoming Level One Franchise Owners must pay only $2,500 toward their initial franchising fee. CruiseOne will finance the remaining cost of the franchise and the agent will be responsible for 24 monthly payments.

The current base franchise fee for a Level One CruiseOne Franchise Owner is $9,800, CruiseOne says. A Level One Franchise Owner has no or minimal travel industry experience yet possesses strong entrepreneurial traits and skills. Monthly payments can be as low as $300, depending on the interest rate and other financing variables. CruiseOne is offering several other incentives for expert agents and prospective franchise owners with other types of professional experience, including reduced initial fees.

“We’ve seen an influx of interest from very bright, passionate, entrepreneurial people who have been laid off from another industry or are working presently, but challenged to produce the initial CruiseOne franchise fee,” said Dwain Wall, senior vice president and general manager of CruiseOne. “We want to eliminate any barriers to success for people who show such strong potential and offer a stimulus plan, of sorts, to help aspiring entrepreneurs seize the moment and start their own cruise travel business.”

Being a CruiseOne Franchise Owner means access to marketing, training and technology programs, the company says. These include a proprietary booking engine with real time cruise line pricing, innovative (and free) marketing programs, start-up training and continuing education curriculum.

CruiseOne believes its franchise owners also enjoy the lowest possible pricing for their customers as a result of the buying power that comes with being part of World Travel Holdings, CruiseOne’s parent company. That relationship also offers CruiseOne Franchise Owners the highest possible cruise line commissions, CruiseOne says.

CruiseOne was founded in 1992 and currently has more than 550 locations. Together with sister company Cruises Inc., a host agency, the two are part of World Travel Holdings (WTH).


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