Cruising Keeps Clients Happy

Here’s some good news for all you home-based travel agents out there who specialize in cruises: your clients are very, very happy. And for those who don’t sell cruises, maybe you should get on board.

A new survey from Travel Guard reports that leisure travelers who recently chose cruises  over land-based vacations say cruise travel is “more satisfying” because of the high value today’s cruise vacations provide.

The survey, conducted for Travel Guard by Ruf Strategic Solutions, asked clients who recently completed seagoing voyages to rank the most important factors in their decision to cruise. The majority of respondents (47 percent) said cruises offer a “more satisfying experience compared with traditional vacations” with “more activities and destinations to see in a short time vs. traditional vacations.”  Another 23 percent said cruise vacations offer the advantage of “seeing multiple destinations without having to pack and unpack several times.” Also ranking high among determining factors was cruise pricing, considered to be “comparable to or better than most other vacation options” (20 percent of survey respondents).

There’s all your big selling points right there! So if you have clients still on the fence about this year’s vacation plans, a cruise may be the best way to close the deal. More satisfied clients equals more repeat business. You can’t beat that math.

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