Despite Rising Fuel Costs Vacations Remain A Priority

Large numbers of vacation loyalists are still traveling despite rising fuel costs, according to a recent AAA travel agent survey, AAA reports, noting that AAA Travel’s list of top summer vacation destinations include choices popular with American families for generations.

“Many Americans consider travel a mainstay to our way of life and are loyal vacationers,” said Bill Sutherland, vice president, AAA Travel Services. “While some Americans may modify their travel due to rising fuel costs, those who can are still choosing to travel and they are traversing the world.”

AAA Travel reports it has seen a continuation of the number of vacationers seeking expert advice from a travel counselor to help guide their decisions, save countless hours of research and gain insight into popular destination.  

Last year, several airlines made cost-saving adjustments by reducing seating capacity, consolidating routes, and replacing large aircraft with smaller more fuel-efficient airplanes, AAATravel says.

Following those capacity reductions and this year’s rising fuel costs, some travel suppliers including tour companies and cruise lines have begun offering price incentives to attract travelers, AAA Travel says, noting that summer vacationers have been taking advantage of those incentives especially for international travel. 

AAA Travel’s Top Summer Vacation Destinations by travel category include:

Top Summer Land Vacation Destinations: 
Orlando, Florida, 
Honolulu, Hawaii
, Rome, Italy, 
London, England
, Anaheim, California

Leading the way in popularity for summer travel are vacations to the Orlando area, consistently holding the top spot year after year.

Top Summer Cruise Vacation Destinations:

AAA Travel said its sales data shows significant increases in cruise bookings for the summer family vacation season and throughout 2012 and into 2013.

Top Summer Exotic Vacation Destinations:
The Galapagos,
The Amazon
, India

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