Emirates Has New Designator for Private Suites

Emirates has a new reservations booking designator (RBD), using the letter "P" for all First Class bookings made for travel on or after March 30th, 2008 in aircraft featuring Emirates' Private Suites.

The Private Suites are presently offered on 19 aircraft, including select Airbus A340-500, Boeing 777-200 LR, Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300 ER three class aircraft. They operate on specific flights to the Americas, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Asia. The suites will be rolled out on other select three class aircraft across the Emirates fleet (including all three-class configuration Airbus A380's) in the future. The new booking code designators on the aircraft with Private Suites are P (First Class with Private Suites), J (Business Class) and Y (Economy Class); while aircraft without suites will continue with F, J and Y designators. Emirates will reflect the new 'P' reservations code in its own Carrier Reservation System (CRS) and in all Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

Private Suites will continue to be marketed as Emirates First Class; however, customers (through www.emirates.com/usa ) can now identify which aircraft are equipped with Private Suites in First Class via the letter 'P'. This will prove especially beneficial to First Class customers, who will, from now on, know for sure whether the aircraft is equipped with Private Suites prior to boarding. Certain routes do have both F and P class seats, but customers will now have the facility to pick their preferences. Visit www.emirates.com/usa.

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