Ensemble Debuts PR Tools for Members

Ensemble Travel Group's recently launched tool for its members, called Ensemble Exposures, aims to help agents become better acquainted with their local media outlets, Travel Agent has learned.

"We've wanted to help our clients with consumer public relations for a long time, so we decided to help them do PR in their local area at the grassroots level," explains Carol Black, senior director of strategic marketing for Ensemble. "There has been a great deal of member demand to know more and do more in the PR area."

Tools include a customizable letter of introduction, guidance in writing press releases and networking tips. Ensemble is also undertaking the massive task of preparing customized media contact lists directed at local markets. "We're launching in several phases," Black says. "With our soft launch we're doing three to five big areas." Further tools and tweaks to the program will come as it evolves.

The program has been in the works since February, and on June 15, Ensemble held a webinar to teach its members about the new tool. After that, "the enrollments began pouring in," Black says, adding that at press time, about 40 agents had signed up to participate.

Ensemble Exposures is currently taking enrollments; members can go to www.ensembledirect.com to register. Enrollment time isn't limited, but Black notes that there are advantages to signing up now. "For example, one thing we will be offering is a guaranteed seat in a PR seminar that we'll be giving at the international conference in Cancun this year," she says.