Ensemble Launches Booking Suite for Agents

tradeshow floorThe newly rebranded Luxury Travel Exchange hosted the first day of its annual tradeshow today, November 28 at the Palazzo Resort in Las Vegas, and Travel Agent hit the floor to gather the latest news. We met with Joe Jiffo, vice president of business development for the Ensemble Travel Group, who shared the latest news from the consortium's recent convention in October.

At the conference Ensemble announced the launch of Ensemble Express, a series of four booking engines that are now included in the Ensemble membership. The engines include Cruise Express, Air Express, Hotel Express and On Location Express. Through each platform, member agents can log in and fill out their clients' details. The company then reports back to the agent all the options available that are suppliers with Ensemble.

"It's a one-stop shop for agents to look at airlines, hotels, cruise lines and destination management companies, rather than spend hours looking at individual companies," says Jiffo.

Visit www.joinensemble.com.