Exclusive: Leisure Pops Links Up With Ensemble and Signature

Leisure Pops, a new desktop tool for front line agents, reports that it has formed alliances with two top agency groups - Ensemble Travel Group and Signature Travel Network- for member agencies to use the Leisure Pops system.

Lee Rosen, president of Leisure Pops, says the program was launched with Ensemble at their October 19 conference and Nov 17 with Signature at their conference.  “Members of Signature and Ensemble have multiple options to learn about Leisure Pops including group webinars, recorded webinars and personal webinars,” Rosen said.

Both groups have special Pop Campaigns for their hotel programs plus other preferred content such as tour operators, travel insurance, hotel programs and reward programs, Rosen said.

"Ensemble and Signature are the first consortia to embrace Leisure Pops and we expect others to participate. Both Signature and Ensemble are savvy technology partners who see Leisure Pops value to members,” Rosen said.

Rosen, founder of Sabre’s TRAMS, said Leisure Pops is also working with several supplier groups, including the Las Vegas CVB. Several insurance sponsorships are now in place.

Agent reaction to Leisure Pops has been excellent, Rosen said, and the impact of the tools on agent and agency performance is being monitored for results.

"Our anticipation is faster, easier bookings and more directed sales to preferred suppliers. The net is higher profits," Rosen said.

Rosen describes Leisure Pops as a ‘pop and data move application’. “Pops happen based upon what agencies have enabled and are triggered by agent activities.  And the idea of data move makes the process of shopping and booking at a multitude of sites fast and easy,” Rosen says. Leisure Pops works both with GDS and web-based reservations systems.

Leisure Pops provides online alerts when agents are making bookings of sales options, including current preferred supplier offers and add on services such as insurance or packaged deals pertinent to the client needs and agents sales goals.

"Agencies pick the pop's they want to use. These pops are essentially reminders to agents of sales options that help keep them on target to meet sales or productivity goals, including those set by the agency, the consortia/coop, and the preferred suppliers," Rosen said.  “Agents choose the Pops that they want, they will never get a Pop that they have not asked for.”

Leisure Pops is designed to save time and keystrokes, Rosen notes, and is proving its value. “One click takes the agent to the chosen site, automatically logs them on, shops the site, and moves data. This includes client data in and reservations details back making the reservations process faster,” Rosen says.

A demonstration of Leisure Pops is available online.

Visit www.leisurepops.com

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