Executive Travel and Travelport Partner

handshakeTravelport reports the long term renewal of its technology partnership with Executive Travel. The agency is a BCD affiliate and one of the Midwest’s largest travel management companies based in Lincoln, NE. Under the terms of the agreement, Travelport will continue as Executive Travel’s travel technology partner and provide access to travel content including air, hotel, car rental and cruise lines via its Apollo platform. 

The agreement also provides Executive Travel with several solutions including: e-Pricing, to ensure travelers have the most advanced tools for shopping low fares; Agency Technology, smart technology to improve the time-consuming and costly manual aspects of the reservation management process and Travelport Rapid Reprice (ARNE), an automated ticket repricing product. 

Steve Glenn, chairman of the board and CEO, said: “Executive Travel is using the Travelport platform to completely re-engineer the corporate travel management fulfillment process to allow its customer to lower the cost of airline, hotel, and car reservations and ticketing."

"Our  travel management model is designed to provide corporate management and global procurement departments a completely open architecture to minimize the TMC fulfillment costs for both online and full service reservations. Managing corporate travel is changing at the speed of light," Glenn said.

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