This First-time Cruiser is Sold

The woman who cuts my hair is not your typical cruiser. She is 31 and a former break-dancer living in Brooklyn. She takes homeopathic remedies and eats only organic foods. Her hair changes color frequently and she pretty much eschews the status quo. She's just not the type to take a standard vacation of any sort. Ruthanne Terrero

Then she got engaged. Because her fiancé, who is still break-dancing on MTV, shares many of her personality attributes, I didn't expect a standard wedding. However, she was very into the idea of taking a honeymoon, and so she went to a travel agent who suggested she take a cruise, where she could get married and enjoy a vacation, all at the same time.

I'd hear a bit about the plans for the wedding every time I went in for a trim, but truthfully, there wasn't much to hear, because Royal Caribbean took care of all of the details. She didn't have to worry about ordering flowers, finding a justice of the peace or any of the standard concerns a bride has to focus on. The biggest decision she had to make was what to wear, and at one point she was trying to find a white jumpsuit that she could break-dance in after the ceremony.

The wedding is now over, and I've gotten the full report (and a haircut to boot). She chose the Majesty of the Seas, which cruised to the Bahamas, where she was married on the beach in an idyllic oceanfront setting. Her fiance's parents were on the voyage the entire time; she met up in Nassau with her parents, who stayed in a nearby hotel for a full week. The bottom line? This was the best day of her life, she said.

The wedding planner and her assistant greeted the bride and groom early in the morning. Dressed in full wedding garb (the bride, in the end, opted for a white silk halter gown, marking the first time she had worn a dress in years), the couple disembarked on a special tender and enjoyed the oohs and ahs from the rest of the ship's passengers.

Everything on land went off perfectly and the photographer was able to get several great shots of the duo on the ship's stage, capturing some of their break-dancing expertise on film. The rest of the cruise was a blast, too, as the active young couple snorkeled for the first time, rock climbed on the ship and savored every possible outdoor activity possible.

Their only concern was that they frequently missed their appointed seating time for dinner, because they were so busy trying to fit in every activity.

It was fascinating to hear this young woman say that she can't wait to go on her next cruise. All I kept thinking as she relayed this perfect experience to me was that this must be a dream come true for Royal Caribbean, to capture an unlikely cruising candidate and then win her for life. But it wasn't just fate that made it happen. The agent who booked her on this experience obviously realized her client wasn't into a lot of fluff and detail, and so matched her up with an ideal supplier who could well accommodate her needs.

Ruthanne Terrero, CTC EDITORIAL DIRECTOR [email protected]

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