Flight Status Now Available With Funjet Vacations

Funjet Vacations now offers up to the minute flight status in VAX VacationAccess, Funjet reports. Flight information will be automatically included in all reservations 24 hours prior to the  flight departure time. Travel agents will be able to see their customer’s flight status, giving them an easier way to provide great service to their customer.

Within the reservation it will clearly state if flights are on schedule, delayed, cancelled, in the air, at the gate or diverted. Information is updated every ten minutes so it is always current, Funjet says.

The new enhancement allows travel agents to see all their information in one place as soon as its available, rather than trying to track the information down directly from the airline, says Funjet.

Also, when a flight has a more critical status, agents will be able to view more detail and next steps such as recovery of flight information or number, new departure times and other features.

“This enhancement makes Funjet Vacations an all in one booking solution, from pre-travel to during travel and shows how Funjet Vacations continues to invest in leading technology solutions to help travel agents provide great end to end customer service to their clients,” says Mike Going, president of Funjet Vacations.

Visit www.VAXVacationAccess.com/Funjet

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