For Clients, a Time to Reward Themselves

Unlike much of the country, I won’t be flying or driving anywhere next Wednesday or Thursday, although I will be dealing with my own version of hell as I board the Long Island Railroad to head out of the city and spend the day with family. This year I have to remind myself to get on board before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ends—I’ve made the mistake of catching the train around noon the last two years and it may possibly be the worst Thanksgiving travel ordeal known to man.

Every year at this time we all suffer our own individual travel agonies, but the payoff—time off with family or a well-deserved vacation—makes it all worth it. And that, of course, is something you need to remind clients over and over again. Positive reinforcement goes a long way toward making a sale—often it’s not the cost of a trip that causes client angst, but rather dealing with the hassle of travel itself, or allowing themselves to take time away from work, or worrying about the pets, or fear of getting the flu (which, by the way, seems more likely to happen in the workplace than a secluded beach somewhere.)

There are hundreds of reasons not to travel, and you’ve probably heard them all…but all a client needs is that one reason to go—that they deserve it. 

It’s been a tough year for everyone, but each of us still has plenty to be thankful for. For the most part, I’d say we’ve gotten through the worst of it, and we all need a little R&R. That’s the message that your clients—and probably you yourself—need to be hearing.

And, since it is the season for giving thanks, we’d love to hear comments from all of you about the one thing you are most thankful for business-wise this year. Drop us a line—and have a great holiday!