Funjet Offers Seat Assignments During Booking

Funjet Vacations reports it is now enabling travel agents to select their client’s seat assignments in VAX VacationAccess. During the booking process, agents are able to select the best available seats or, if they prefer, shop around to find a different flight with better seat assignments before check out and purchase the vacation package for their customers,  Funjet says.

Within the new seat assignment function, agents will be able to view each flight leg in their customer’s itinerary. For any airline that does not charge for seat assignments, agents will be able to pre-select the customer’s preferred seat from a seat map and provide that confirmed information before the vacation package booking is completed. Seat assignments can also be selected by pulling up the reservation at a later date,  Funjet says.

The new seat assignment option is another way to put client satisfaction and control at the agent’s fingertips. “This new option allows agents to cater to their customer’s needs when booking a vacation package. The customer will be able to have the same experience they are already used to when booking a traditional commercial airline ticket,” said Mike Going, president of Funjet Vacations.

This addition is part of an overall effort by Funjet Vacations to increase travel agents’ success by offering new, improved, and expanded products and services, Funjet notes. The new Seat Assignment offering  joins a lineup that includes All-In-One Travel Protection with commission protection, Price Match Plus with expanded instant price match hours, and Fun For Life-Bonus Cash with unlimited earning opportunities.


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