GBTA Releases Inaugural Masters Honors Recognition Program Honorees

blue ribbon
Photo by Alexander

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) has released its inaugural Masters Honors awards, which recognize the leadership of the most engaged travel management professionals in the business travel industry.

The winners are: 

Carlos Almendros
Tricia Alsup
Barbara Arena
Colleen Arena
Jeff Berall
Mirta Bilak
Carla Bonaventura
Dianne Bradley
Kerry Cosover
Telmo Costa
Horacio Cristaldo
Hillary Dallas
Bonnie Darkey
Jessica Davis
Michelle De Costa
Ann Dery
Shani DeSantis
Trish Earles
Jeannie Eisenhart
Torbjorn Erling
Michelle Fontaine
Dana Forfa
Tim Foy
Angela Francisco
Jeremy Gardner
Stephen Gheerow
Gillian Gilbreth
Cynthia Gillen
Katia Gilliam
Gloria Gonzalez
Jolee Goularte
Lisa Gustaferro
Diane Hammons
Valentina Hanson
Marnette Hays
Donna Headley
Rex G. Heineman
Lisa Henderson
Veronique  Howard
Jamie Jackson-Overby
Elisabeth Johnson
Laurie Kazimer
Donna Kelliher
Sharlene Ketwaroo-Nanoo
Tracey Kroboth
Linda Lee
Jack Lever
Shelly Lewchuk
Sherry Marshall
Stacy Martin
Pam Massey
Curt Mattos
Deborah McKay
Joanne McNellis Coelho
Holly McTague
Petra Metsola
Melinda Miller
Karin Milliman
Robert Mintz
Allan Miranda
James Moore
Kyla Moore
Mary Motycka
Marie Moynihan
Cindy Novak
Sue O'Connell
Jill Oswald
Kevin Paige
Eveline Paulisse
Peter Pearson
Patricia Petronis
Ryan Pierce
Gary Polito
Virginie Poupault
Shari Quackenbush
Doris Milagros Quiroz Poma
Janko Raboldt
Shawn Radek
Catherine Rigby
Hal Rudy
Claudio Salerno
Bhart Sarin
Susan Savy
Cynthia Shumate
Connie Smith
Francine Sommers
Jason Sportsman
Jennifer Steinke
Brad Stricklin
Karin Thompson
Tricia Tor
Alex Townsend-Mitchell
Denise Truso
Jan Uecker
Geralyn Vance
Rita Visser
Rick Wakida
Kristina Weischadle
Monica Whitehead
Erin Wilk
Jim Wilkins
Pamela Witherspoon
James Wolfe
Emily Wong
Greg Woods
Renee Wright

Updates to The Masters Honors are still in progress as names are confirmed with honorees, the GBTA said. 

The honorees are experts in duty of care, supplier management, technology, sustainability and other areas. Honorees come from around the globe and work in a wide range of industries, including technology, manufacturing, finance and banking, healthcare, consulting, energy and resources and retail.

The Masters Honors awards will be presented at The Masters Honors Summit & Gala on April 10-11, 2016, at the Trump National Doral in Miami, FL. The event includes a full-day of educational workshops and networking events concluding with the annual GBTA Foundation Gala. The Masters Honors is sponsored by Carlson Wagonlit Travel.