Globus Plans to Bolster Group Business

The Globus family of brands announced an expanded role for Mike Schields, newly appointed managing director of groups and emerging markets, and with it, a renewed commitment to the development of group business.

In his new lead role as managing director of groups and emerging markets, Schields will oversee all things related to the growth of these business divisions, from sales and service to product delivery.

“We’re committed to the groups market,” said Scott Nisbet, president and CEO of the Globus family of brands. “Our combination of products and dedication to service and support allows us to help agents find the right fit as well as offer them support throughout the planning process, from start to finish. And, garnering and retaining our groups and emerging market business takes creativity, tenacity and patience. Mike Schields has the ideal blend of those qualities and the experience to lead our teams into the future.”

As the former director of emerging markets for the last seven years, Schields’ accomplishments include leading the introduction of the Avalon Waterways brand, developing the company’s successful religious travel division and opening new foreign markets for the Globus family of brands.

“I’m eager to continue my charge as an advocate for new and developing markets for the Globus family of brands,” said Schields. “In particular, I find the growth opportunities related to our group business both exciting and limitless and am looking forward to helping our valued partners achieve their group goals with the Globus family of brands.”



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