GroundLink Launches Mobile App

GroundLink, a global private car service, has launched a mobile app that allows people around the world to order private cars with their smartphones. For the first time, consumers can access the network of ground transportation providers through both the Android and iOS smartphone platforms, Groundlink says.

New York metro residents, for example, can now order private car service, whenever they want—either immediately or at a scheduled time – at extremely competitive prices, GroundLink says. It can deliver a car within hours to passengers anywhere else in the world.

GroundLink’s flat rates are based on distance; there are no traffic surcharges.

To celebrate the launch, GroundLink is offering customers who book through the iPhone or Android apps the chance to win more than $15,000 in cash and other prizes.

GroundLink’s fleet will be stacked with a variety of prizes for five days including two envelopes containing $1,000 in cash each day. Other prizes include tickets to special events and gift cards.

GroundLink’s “Ride Now” location-based mobile technology allows registered users to order a car within minutes. GroundLink’s “Ride Later” feature provides users with the opportunity to set a specific date, time and location for pickup.

Consumers can track the car’s location or exact arrival time and communicate directly with the driver at all times. GroundLink’s social sharing tool also equips riders with the option to update friends and followers on their travel whereabouts. 

“GroundLink is much more than an app. We are the first company to deliver access to a global fleet of more than a hundred thousand cars through an app. Until now, business travelers had no way to find a reliable and competitively priced private car service around the country and the globe, ” added GroundLink CEO Charlie Fraas. “With the launch of our mobile apps on iPhone and Android, we’re embracing a multi-platform business model that is unique in our industry.” 

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