GTM Travel Offers Commission Sharing

GTM Travel, an established host agency serving over 400 independent contractors, announced a new commission sharing structure which pays agents as much as 90 percent of the commissions they generate. The company’s 90 Percent Earn In program is intended to motivate the independent agents to increase their sales by providing a meaningful reward for the effort, Don Gould, GTM’s chairman, said.

“We boast that over 60 percent of our agents came to us from a prior host affiliation and I’m confident that number will grow,” said Gould. “Combining the opportunity to earn more for their efforts, without having to pay any annual, monthly or transaction fees, provides a compelling incentive for agents to consider aligning with GTM.”

John Hart, GTM’s president said, “An agent qualifies for the Earn In program when they generate commission income of at least $7,000 target on an annualized basis. We will analyze the production quarterly. Agents producing deposited business that will generate commission income of at least $1,750, will qualify for 90 percent commission on business booked in the subsequent quarter. An agent generating a minimum of $7,000 in commission during a calendar year will earn 90 percent for the rest of the current year and for the following year.”

GTM was formed in 2001 and realized dramatic growth by reaching out to a group of independent agents who were left in the lurch because of the closure of their host agency. The company accelerated their growth by acquiring Travelers Choice in 2003.

Gould said that, in addition, many experienced leisure-focused agents exploring a host relationship have signed on with GTM. In accessing the reasons for the company’s success, Gould and Hart pointed to the qualifications of the staff, the experience of management and productivity of their agents. “You need volume to achieve high commission levels,” Gould said.

Gould also confirmed that GTM has signed up over 200 producing agents who had been with JoyStar, the controversial host.

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