Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel Debuts 20 "Pure" Rooms

Indigo Terrace, Hilton San Diego BayfrontIn an increasing, new trend, the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel has introduced 20 "Pure" rooms, which produce an allergy-friendly environment and eliminate up to 98 percent of bacteria and viruses. Developed by PURE Solutions, purification techniques eradicate allergens and irritants from surfaces, fabrics and air flow. Then, a conversation process makes sure the air handling units are cleaned and sanitized then equipped with the company's Tea Tree Oil Cartridge.

PURE Clean sanitizes soft surfaces to get rid of irritants and contaminants. Afterward, a one-shock treatment is applied to the room to do away with any residual living organizations. Next, a bacteriostatic barrier called PURE Shield is applied to all surfaces to preclude the growth of bacteria.

Maintaining these conditions, an air purification system generates air quality that averages twice as clean as the limit necessary for asthma patients. Classified by the FDA as a Class II medical device, the system also includes special micro-fiber, hypo-allergenic pillow cases and mattress covers to cut down allergies triggered by dust mites.

Brian Brault, CEO, PURE Solutions said, “One-third of travelers statistically reported having allergies or traveling with family members who have allergic reactions. PURE is committed to offering the best air quality for any hotel guest, allergy sufferers or not."

Visit www.hiltonsandiegobayfront.com and www.pureroom.com.

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