iZento Introduces New Online Tools for Agents

iZento, a new startup, is offering a free one-month trial of its advanced trip planner and itinerary builder designed specifically for travel professionals at www.iZento.com/travelpro.

The new online service provides traditional and home-based travel agents with an easy-to-use tool for building complex itineraries and creating customized trip journals that can be shared online or professionally bound and printed for clients. iZento also enables a customer to collaborate in building their trip online at iZento.com, coupled with live agent support and insight for the itinerary personalization.

“Since founding the company in 2007, we have held numerous forums with traditional and home-based agents to solicit their valued feedback on our product,” said Tony Del Favero, vice president and co-founder of iZento. “Based on this feedback, we have designed an online service that helps travel professionals combine state-of-the-art Internet content with their specialized 'off-web' knowledge as travel consultants to significantly enhance the traveler experience. We are delighted to be able to offer this collaborative tool to help make agents more successful in their role as expert travel consultants.”

While iZento uses a complex, proprietary technology, a user-friendly interface makes it easy for travel professionals to complete the step-by-step trip building process. Once an agent has input the necessary trip information into the prompts, iZento organizes the information in a matter of seconds, creating a completely personalized and impressive trip plan that can be edited by the travel professional, viewed online for collaboration with clients, posted on Facebook or purchased as a professionally-bound print journal as a take-along reference for travelers. Within minutes, any subscriber can create an impressive, trip journal personalized to a client’s specifications that brings all of those important details of a trip (destination information, directions, maps, opening/closing times, etc.) into one compact companion. 

The agent-focused tools include priority access to an extensive database of cruises, air travel options, destination information, activities, events and more that can be incorporated into an itinerary with a few simple clicks. Another highly requested feature is that travel specialists can brand iZento’s trip journals with their own company logos and marketing messages – providing a personalized touch for their clients as well as high quality collateral pieces that enhance their professional appeal.

Subscribers additionally have access to all-new templates and trip book designs accessible exclusively for use by agent-subscribers. Plus, the iZento service offers agency administration tools to manage consultant licenses and share specialist-created trip templates, increasing knowledge and productivity throughout an agency.

A monthly subscription fee is $15.

At iZento.com, consumers can dabble in putting together elements of their trips and send them to their preferred travel professionals. They can also review and can collaborate with their travel agents in editing itineraries created by agent-subscribers.