iZento Rolls Out New ClientBase Solutions for Host Agencies

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iZento has announced exclusive new solutions for host agencies to offer their member agents who use ClientBase

The two-step solution includes iZento’s ClientBase QC Service, which empowers agencies to analyze errors or missing information within Res Cards to better nage their data, as well as The iZento Journal Service that automatically tailor-creates a personalized itinerary booklet for each new booking using the data input into ClientBase by the agent.  

The QC Service can be implemented by the host agency as a stand-alone offering, or can be combined with the Journal Service with unique agent branding tools.

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Using the two-step solution, host agencies can drive new revenue by inserting pre-programmed ads into journals, iZento said. They can also take advantage of an array of branding and customization options offered by the company.

Using the new iZento solutions, host agencies gain the ability to provide quality controls for member agents' booking data. They also benefit from reports on multiple travel data points down to any agent’s Res Card entries.  The result is better quality data from member agents and higher revenues, as well as the opportunity to provide enhanced member marketing programs from improved data generated by participants, iZento said.

iZento QC Service for Host Agencies

iZento’s ClientBase QC Service gives host agencies the ability to understand, then improve the quality of their Res Card data, the company said. The platform gives Host administrators a behind-the-scenes look at what kind of Res Card data the agency is truly attaining. It finds “logic errors” in data input into the ClientBase Res Card, such as out of order events like hotel check-in/check-out or car pick-up/drop-offs.

The service runs in silent mode with no agency or agent disruption all the while relaying where there is any incorrect or missing information in an agency's Res Cards so they can get the best data possible and boost their business. The solution finds the missing data points and errors and reports them to the agent via the optional Agent Update Assistant. Once the agent sees the update alert, it is easy to adjust to get the most complete data possible. This is also a great training tool for agents needing help navigating the Res Card.

iZento Journal Service for Host Agencies

As an upgrade to the QC Service, The iZento Journal Service can be deployed, enabling the automatic creation of customized itinerary journals produced from each booking. Based exclusively on the booking data input into the ClientBase ResCard, each output includes travel documents, robust city guides and maps, calendar and much more – all in an attractively-designed, full-color, itinerary that can be printed, shared for collaboration online and via social media, or printed in a handy-sized, bound book that travelers take along with them on their trips. All of the tools in the QC Service continue to be part of this complete system.

The iZento Journal Service also provides access to new revenue streams and enhanced commissions via the platform’s Recommended Tours section for up-selling, as well as a host-managed pre-programmable ads feature.  

Each itinerary also includes city guides and maps automatically -- saving agents time in gathering and presenting the information in a cohesive format. Additionally, member agents have access to an optional library of journal cover options, and benefit from the platform’s mobile viewing capability of itineraries and automatic updating via a persistent link for online journals whenever the Res Card is updated.   

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