Kayak.com Announces New iPhone Travel Application

Travelers stranded in airports across the world can breathe a little easier with the launch of the new Kayak.com iPhone application. With a few taps on a touch screen, iPhone users will be able to search more than 200 travel sites for rates and availability for flights and hotels from anywhere in the world.

Once the user makes a decision, Kayak.com will offer a choice of where to buy— directly from the supplier or from an online travel agency— and send the user directly to that site to make a purchase. The application, now available in the iTunes App Store, is free for all users www.itunes.com/apps/kayak.

“If you’ve ever been stranded along with dozens of other passengers after a canceled flight, you’ll know that the mad rush to the ticket counter and long wait to be assisted by an agent is a terribly helpless feeling,” said Bill O’Donnell, ultra vice president of code for Kayak.com. “The iPhone application puts the power of Kayak.com in the palm of a consumer’s hand. Within seconds, stranded passengers can book another flight or a hotel if the next flight out isn’t available until the following day. Not just a tool for stranded passengers, Kayak.com’s iPhone application can also be used for the busy consumer wanting to multi-task during a boring meeting or long line at the grocery store by researching prices and availability for an upcoming trip.”

Visit www.Kayak.com.

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