Leisure Pops Offers Free Tools for 'Win with American Express' Contest


Lee Rosen, president, Leisure Pops, announced that agents who use Leisure Pops will have their applicable cruise and tour bookings automatically submitted to the WinWithAmex website. The American Express contest offers travel agents major sales incentives.

The program includes a pop up reminder that is triggered when the booking site asks for a credit card number. Then, when the booking is complete, it takes all of the data required for the contest and enters it into that agent’s private booking page so they get the credit.

To assist agents who do not yet have Leisure Pops, a sponsor code is included so they can install it for free during the contest dates. This free installation provides access to Leisure Pops forever.

Leisure Pops can save time when shopping multiple sites to offer add-on products, travel insurance, or comparison shop using their preferred supplier pops, as the company passes data between sites and auto fills fields to make the reservation process quicker and easier for the agent.

Leisure Pops software is a user controlled, intelligence based, point-of-sale merchandising application designed to help agents sell more preferred supplier and add-on products, improve customer service, and earn more commission. The software currently reads all GDS systems and can read and share data with over 100 website reservations systems.

Visit www.leisurepops.com.

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