Leisure Travel Alliance Adds Host Agency Subsidiary With International Tours of Houston Acquisition

Deal signingLeisure Travel Alliance (LTA) has announced the addition of a host agency subsidiary to complement its traditional travel agency marketing network. Newly incorporated Leisure Travel Alliance Central (LTAC) has acquired International Tours of Houston (ITH) as a foundation piece for its host agency operation. International Tours of Houston founder and owner, Ron Sanders, will assume the title of president of Leisure Travel Alliance Central and will report directly to LTA’s president, Stuart Godwin. ITH is expected to add 140 independent contractors to LTA’s current network of 300 member agencies.

Godwin says that the addition of the LTAC host agency program will not replace or change the LTA parent company model, but rather offer a new model for individual agency owners and individual agents to choose between based on what best fits their needs. LTA is a business model for travel agencies operating as independent businesses; LTAC is a business model for individual agents. Sanders believes that the additional assets that ITH will bring to the table will be beneficial for both LTA’s traditional agency group and LTAC agent contractors. Members of both will shortly have access to a broader range of GDS, back-office and CRM platforms. Additionally, all LTA-affiliated agents will have a choice of booking and compensation channels.
Now that LTA is through with its initial acquisition, it is actively in the process of identifying other expansion opportunities.  
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