Lifestyle Marketing Campaigns Work, TRAVELSAVERS Says

Effective lifestyle marketing can drive new business to travel agencies and preferred suppliers, Nicole Mazza, chief marketing officer for TRAVELSAVERS believes. She notes that TRAVELSAVERS has enjoyed a successful partnership with Bridal Guide magazine over the past several years. The relationship enables TRAVELSAVERS agencies to capture a greater share of the lucrative romance niche, she notes.

Mazza said the relationship with Bridal Guide will be continued. TRAVELSAVERS produces a co-op ad in conjunction with its preferred suppliers in every issue of Bridal Guide magazine. These ads inspire engaged couples to take action by calling their local TRAVELSAVERS agency to inquire and book their honeymoons, exotic out-of-country weddings, bachelor/bachelorette getaways, and more. TRAVELSAVERS is also featured in the special November/December Romance in America Guide, Mazza said.

“Romance travel is one of the industry’s most consistent and evergreen markets, offering travel agents a strategic advantage through all economic climates, especially in these challenging times,” said Mazza. “People are willing to cut back in a lot of places in their lives, but not so much when it comes to their once-in-a-lifetime honeymoons and much-deserved anniversary travel celebrations. Savvy travel agents can sweep this market segment off its feet, and we’re here to help them do just that.”

The statistics tell the story, with more than 42 million romance-related trips taken each year by Americans and upwards of $7 billion spent annually on honeymoons alone.

The program has been so successful that TRAVELSAVERS and Bridal Guide magazine are in discussions to expand the program for 2009, which would include a series of marketing campaigns.

The romance travel campaign with Bridal Guide is part of a larger effort: TRAVELSAVERS’ popular Lifestyle Marketing direct mail program. The group initiated the niche marketing program several years ago and has since significantly expanded it. In 2009, the Lifestyle Marketing campaigns will be distributed every other month in the hot niche markets of: romance travel, family travel, luxury travel, golf & spa, baby boomer travel and soft adventure. TRAVELSAVERS creates a brochure for each targeted niche market that is filled with exclusive offers from select preferred suppliers. The direct mail pieces are printed with the agency's telephone, fax and e-mail address, and mailed on their behalf.