On Location: Ensemble Updates its Online Store Offerings for Members


Libbie Rice, left, and Lindsay Pearlman, right, co-presidents of Ensemble

As part of our ongoing coverage of the 2011 Ensemble Travel Group International Conference, Travel Agent attended a press conference with other members of the media and Ensemble co-presidents Lindsay Pearlman and Libbie Rice.

Pearlman and Rice told us that Ensemble Travel Group will be expanding its online shopping options for its members. The Ensemble Company Store, the online shopping platform that opened in early 2010, has expanded to offer a wider variety of global business service and retail products for the consortium's retail members. The new services will sit under a new name, Ensemble Boutique U.S.

Ensemble Boutique U.S. will be a one-stop-shopping platform housed on Ensemble's Extranet. Members can earn a commission on every purchase, as well. At the time of the release, participating vendors included AM Lithographers, Digital Design Video, Leisure Connect, Limos.com, Minimus.bz, Promowearhouse, What a Cookie!, Wireless Traveler and WorldNet Solutions. More partnerships are being finalized.

Visit www.joinensemble.com