Making a Good Sale is a Thing of Beauty


Ken Grant


It starts with a little nervousness, a kind of stage fright, meeting potential new customers. You talk, and then you connect.

You know what they want. You have what they want. You show them. You guide them. You answer their questions, you dispel their fears. You feel their growing excitement as they take ownership. And no question about it, you feel great as you hand back their credit card and receipt.

It’s not the commission. That pays the rent, yes, but it doesn’t fill the heart like the sight of happy customers and the knowledge that you made it happen.

Those who have not made a good sale will never understand or enjoy the exhilaration of success—nor the frustration of “almost.”

Those who have not made a good sale don’t appreciate the work and skill needed to repeat this performance day in and day out.

Good salespeople understand that they need more than a big smile and a small price tag. They need to know how each product’s features fill the needs and desires of different people; they need fluency in the language of fulfillment.

And that’s where Travel Agent University may be helpful.

Our objective at TAU is simply to help you make more good sales every day. We try to give you more than a brochure’s-eye view of travel products. We try to relate product features to customer desires in a way that helps you ask clients better questions and give them better answers. We try to help you anticipate customer objections and handle them with skill and confidence. We try to help you expand your sales horizons, so you can satisfy more customers more often.

We just want you to see more client smiles, and to go home at night feeling good.

Of course, there are some days when a big smile and small price tag do help close the sale, and TAU may help on those days, too. TAU’s Alumni Alert pages have events, deals, fams, brochures, packages and more. The new Orlando Alumni Alert page, for example, already has seven listings—special sales opportunities, fams, agent incentives and deals.

You get a new My Specialty page every time you take and pass a final exam in TAU. With 40 different programs now online—and more coming soon—we’re pretty sure we’ve got courses that will help you make more good sales.

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