Mapmobility Moves Canada to Digital App Market

Travelers visiting Canada now have an easy way to get maps of popular Canadian spots – right on their phone. Just as they would buy a song or e-book, maps are easily downloaded and bought with Mapmobility's launch of digital versions of their maps.

Mapmobility announced that they now offer virtual maps as a way to connect to a growing mobile consumer-base. The Canadian digital maps for consumer use are on the iOS platform through Avenza’s PDF Maps app. 

Through the app, users can navigate Canada without having to worry about losing reception due to cell tower proximity or high data roaming charges typical of other “streaming” map services and apps.

Carl Nanders, director of business strategy at Mapmobility, said: “With Mapmobility maps accessible online, our customers can get the same level of detail that’s synonymous with the MapArt brand ‘on-demand’ with the added advantage of GPS tracking. The benefits of going digital are tangible and we’re eager to explore the new market.”

By providing digital versions of its maps via Avenza’s PDF Maps app, more than 200 million Apple iOS consumers will be able to browse and purchase MapArt content directly from mobile devices.

The PDF Maps app is available in the iTunes App Store free of charge for personal use. Pricing of Mapmobility’s maps range from $0.99 to $8.99.


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