MasterCard Launches “One More Day” Travel Campaign (INFOGRAPHIC)

To get more Americans to take vacation time-off, MasterCard reports the launch of  “One More Day” – a travel-focused campaign that invites consumers to make a social pledge to take #OneMoreDay of vacation.

The campaign encourages travel, spending time with family and friends and to experience new things, MasterCard says. The campaign is based on a new study commissioned by MasterCard that found this year, only half of Americans have been on or are planning a vacation.

By using the sweepstakes hashtag - #OneMoreDaySweeps - consumers have the chance to receive an incentive from MasterCard – a grand prize trip for four – valued at $25,000 – to a single destination of the winner’s choice, MasterCard says.

As part of the campaign MasterCard says it is also rolling out a series of television, print and digital ads that highlight cardholder travel benefits and services.
Findings from the MasterCard Travel Habits Survey include:

  • One More Day to Learn: More than one-third of Americans with a rewards card are not sure how to use their accumulated miles, points, or rewards.  
  • One More Day to be Savvy: Of the 36 percent  of American travelers who do use their card rewards programs, they typically save $500 or more per year. 
  • One More Day to Feel Young: Of all participants, younger Americans (18-34) tend to vacation more often than their older counterparts as 61 percent have been on or are planning a vacation in 2014. 
  • One More Day to See the World: While 53 percent of Americans said that vacationing is a priority, 28 percent of employed Americans with allotted vacation time admit they end up cramming their vacation days into the last months of the year.


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