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robbert jan van bloemendaal


In conjunction with our recent cover story “Social Media Tips From the Experts,” we reached out to travel agents who are at the top of their game when it comes to social media. Each day we’ll be highlighting one of the top five applicants, ranked by Klout score.

Robbert Jan van Bloemendaal started his work with social media on a personal level, but since then he has built a presence across multiple communities with an average Klout score of 57.

“I began late in social media and started on two fronts, travel movies on YouTube and Facebook,” Bloemendall said. “Initially Facebook was just a fun personal thing to do, now I have over 10 pages that I look after from travel to events in my local city including a job market.”

Bloemendaal’s top tip? “If I was going to give someone advice about getting into social media it would be this, be prepared to spend a lot of time doing it and also that you must decide that it will be for the long haul. Success comes after long dedicated efforts.”

That hard work has paid off with client inquiries through Facebook for more information, quotes and help booking travel, Bloemendaal says. “I believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg as many more either come to or call my agency but do not mention specifically that they saw something on social media.”

In addition to his own social media presence, Bloemendaal also looks after six travel pages for different locations of other agencies.

Bloemendaal’s travel agency Facebook page is available here.

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