NBTA Supports Trusted Traveler Program

The National Business Travel Association (NBTA) reported that it met with John Pistole, the administrator of the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), to discuss NBTA’s position on topics related to safety and security procedures. The NBTA offered support of a trusted traveler program and open communications with the traveling public.

“We had a constructive, wide ranging and positive dialogue with Administrator Pistole during which we were able to discuss the critical role of a smoothly functioning and secure business travel system for the overall economy,” said Mike McCormick, the NBTA’s Executive Director and COO. "NBTA will continue to focus on how best to work with the TSA to ensure safety while making the security process as efficient as possible for business travelers.”

NBTA said it recognizes that security is the single most important role of the TSA. It reiterated its support for the security measures the TSA has introduced over the last several weeks.

“However, as members of the NBTA community have reported discrepancies in deployment of TSA security measures at airports across the country, NBTA reiterated that TSA must maintain open lines of communications so that the traveling public can report on inconsistencies in security implementations,” McCormick said. “NBTA has also been a longtime supporter of the Trusted Traveler program that allows business travelers and other high frequency travelers to pass through airport security more quickly and efficiently after passing a rigorous background check."

According to the organization, 71 percent of NBTA members were interested in creating a system under which a traveler could pay for and undergo a one-time, in-depth security check.

Recognizing the importance of a well-informed traveling public, NBTA also expressed willingness to continue to proactively distribute information from the TSA to the traveling public, as NBTA did prior to the Thanksgiving travel rush.

“NBTA has the utmost respect for Administrator Pistole and the TSA, and yesterday’s meeting only reinforced that view. I was impressed with the administrator’s concern for the business traveler and desire to work with NBTA. We plan to continue our dialogue with TSA over the months to come so we can work together to ensure the proper systems are in place to enhance security while minimizing challenges for the business traveler,” McCormick said.

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