New Criteria Required for NTA's China Inbound Program

To ensure safer and happier Chinese travelers to the U.S., tour companies must now adhere to stricter criteria if they're to participate in the National Tour Association's China Inbound Program, the NTA announced today.

Issued in cooperation with the China National Tourism Administration and the U.S. Department of Commerce, the new guidelines state that participants must use suppliers and contractors with sufficient licensing, up-to-date registration and insurance which complies with applicable laws. Participating companies are also required to review the safety records of motorcoach contractors and make sure those contractors are properly licensed. Another new rule dictates that tour companies may not coerce travelers into shopping at particular destinations.

Because of these new criteria, all companies who wish to continue participating in the China Inbound Program must reapply.

“As the Chinese group leisure travel market continues to grow in the United States, NTA and its partners felt it was important to take next steps in improving the visitor experience,” said NTA President Lisa Simon. The NTA has also created a list of recommended "best practices" for tour operating companies which deal specifically with the China inbound market.