New “eGlobal24” Gives Agencies 24-Hour Service

A new service called “eGlobal24” has been launched by eGlobalfares in conjunction with TRAVEL HELPLINE and agent24 for eGlobalfares subscribers. eGlobal24 provides agents with 24-hour assistance on trips booked through consolidators worldwide.

Traditionally, once a consolidator has closed its doors for the day, the travelers’ records are not accessible and cannot be changed in an emergency, which makes the use of consolidator fares risky for business travelers, eGlobalfares says.

New software gives agents 24/7 access to PNRs and the capability to make changes. In addition, the eGlobal24 service, provided through TRAVEL HELPLINE and agent24 worldwide travel assistance services, gives agents the ability to have essential tickets issued or reissued or exchanged.

Travel agencies of all sizes can cost-effectively deliver the same level of service on consolidator-booked trips that they do on the rest of their business 24 hours a day, eGlobalfares says.

“It became obvious to us as our network of subscribers has continued to grow that we needed to find a way to smooth out the differences presented by business practices and cultures around the globe,” said Dave Rifkin, president and CEO of eGlobalfares.

Jim Mazza, COO of TRAVEL HELPLINE and agent24, commented, “Travel agents who subscribe to eGlobalfares can now confidently sell to their corporate and leisure clientele tickets purchased through consolidators and trading partners globally who participate in eGlobal24. Agents won’t hesitate to now use these suppliers for their clients because they’ll be able to elevate their service levels by making changes to clients’ itineraries even when the consolidators’ offices are closed.”


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