New York the Most Popular Destination for Foreign Shoppers

New York is the most popular shopping destination for travelers coming to America from top emerging growth markets such as Brazil, China, India, Australia and South Korea, according to a Macy's/Shop America Alliance study.

Nearly one-third of travelers surveyed as part of the New International Emerging and Growth Markets Study said they shopped in New York during their last trip to the states. Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Atlanta tied for second place as places visitors shopped. The study found that shopping is a key driver for travelers who visit the U.S. for pleasure or personal reasons, with 56 percent of those citing shopping as a key reason for taking the trip.

"Shopping has always been one of the top activities of international travelers. From this study, we know more about the upper income shoppers who visit the country. By understanding these travelers, the industry should be able to improve its approach to this lucrative segment to expand exports for the U.S.," said Helen Marano, director of the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The most popular activities for people visiting from these five countries included shopping; Visiting amusement, national and state parks; Attending museums, zoos and aquariums; Dining; Taking in concerts and theater; and going to spas or casinos.

New York also came out on top when visitors from emerging growth markets were asked to name the "top travel destination in the U.S." New York took 20 percent of the votes while Los Angeles and Miami came in second and third at 17 percent and 10 percent, respectively. Surprise destinations in the top 10 included the Grand Canyon and Salt Lake City.

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