Nexion Agents Embraces Social Networking With New Platform

Nexion, the full-service host agency, reports that its new Nexion Town social networking community program saw 15 percent of its 2,100 plus members complete profiles during the first week of its launch.

The Nexion Town program targets the leisure travel sector served by Nexion member agents and links agents to agents. Incentives for using Nexion Town include credits, or 'karma points' for agent's participation.

"Most Nexion agents are home-based, independent travel professionals who rely on other members the way an agent in a brick-and-mortar agency may rely on the agent at the next desk," said Jackie Friedman, Nexion general manager. "Nexion Town makes it easy for them to tap into the expertise of other agents, and the Nexion staff so that they can effectively sell the right product to their customers."

Nexion Town is a pilot program using the same platform that powers cubeless, Sabre's recently announced enterprise platform. Nexion Town takes networking between Nexion members to the next level. It increases collaboration among agents by helping them increase their knowledge base through sharing expertise with others in the community, Nexion says.


The net result is to save agents time and money typically spent performing research. The program is included in Nexion's membership offering and is a key component of the host agency's commitment to helping agents improve operations.

Nexion Town gives agents the capability to create a profile that captures their unique travel experiences, job skills, destination expertise, areas of specialization, industry certifications and personal information, and upload photos. Agents can perform searches for other agents and network with them to share marketing, sales and travel knowledge. Agents can even take the networks they have built online to their local community and form local networking chapters. For information: (GD)

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