Nexion Launches Training for New Agents

Nexion reports the introduction of its first-ever “Agent Essentials” training courses with the  first in a series of four-and-a half day sessions scheduled for June 25-29, 2012 at Nexion headquarters in Irving, TX.

Agent Essentials offers personalized learning opportunities for new Nexion agents – specifically those who are new to the travel industry, Nexion says.

Agent Essentials is a tactical, “how-to” class on using Nexion’s full array of products, tools and services to research and book travel to maximum benefit, Nexion says.
Agents will learn first-hand the basics of selling cruise, tour, air, car, hotel, and insurance products. In addition, the courses offer tips on how to manage a small business, including organizing and marketing a travel agency and satisfying clients’ needs from initial booking to post-trip follow-up, Nexion says.
“As an organization, Nexion stands at the forefront of infusing our industry with new blood through our longstanding commitment toward attracting new talent. Agent Essentials is an important step in recruiting and retaining the next generation of travel agent professionals,” said Nexion President Jackie Friedman.

 “We hope these offerings will ease any hesitation other small business owners or entrepreneurs may have in considering a career in travel. There are very few intensive one-on-one trainings like these offered for home-based agents and we continue to take pride in providing industry-leading training programs for our agents, ” Friedman said.
The highly personalized focus on each individual agent through Agent Essentials makes Nexion’s training program very unique. Each training series will consist of a small group of approximately six to ten agents, with designated Nexion staff at their side. Nexion staff will walk agents through each of Nexion’s tools and how to best use them to maximize their profits.

Among the Nexion programs featured will be: SNAP!, Nexion’s  booking engine for non-GDS users to book air, car, and hotels  and Stream, which offers competitive client rates and guaranteed 12 percent commissions on prepaid hotels on every gross booking (before taxes).
In addition to learning about the comprehensive programs and tools Nexion offers agents registering for these training sessions will also be offered the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the industry’s top product suppliers. Space is limited, Nexion says.

Agents can register online at


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