Nexion Opens Boot Camp Registration

Designed to serve a new generation of Nexion agents, Nexion reports it has opened registration for its second of three 2012 Boot Camps following a successful February event. The intensive, two-and-a-half day educational program will provide agents with training and networking, Nexion notes. The program is set for May 2-4 at the Las Colinas Country Club in Irving, Texas.
Boot Camp provides sales and marketing coaching and an intensive overview of Nexion’s various programs and services to help agents better understand how to further their success, Nexion notes.

Among the highlights of the most recent February Boot Camp, to be featured again in May, were the supplier roundtables. Each day, Nexion facilitated discussions between its supplier partners and agents.
“It’s an opportunity for agents to meet first hand with key suppliers whose product they’re selling. The feedback we received after those was extremely positive,” said Nexion President Jackie Friedman. “We encourage and provide as many networking opportunities as possible. Whether it’s with suppliers or their own peers, bringing our Nexion agents together to share best practices and to learn how to best utilize the tools we offer enhances their business. When our agents are successful, we’re successful.”
This year, a new generation of Nexion agents is taking part in Boot Camp, Nexion says, citing the views of Jana Gallagher, owner of Jana’s Jaunts in Orlando, FL. As a former member of the military, Gallagher has experienced real-life boot camp. “Nexion’s Boot Camp was intensive in the amount of information that was given to us, but we had luxury accommodations and wonderful food to make all the information easier to learn and retain,” she said. Gallagher is one of a growing number of experienced agents who changed careers to get into travel, Nexion says.
Emily Trusell, owner of Cut Loose Travel in Dallas, TX, said Boot Camp was rewarding. “Nexion saved me. As a young person looking to get into the industry, I searched all over for guidance. No one offered what Nexion offers. They provided me the education and training I needed to get started with my business,” she said. “The home-based industry is an attractive avenue for someone looking for a rewarding career. Whether you’re retired, changing careers, or fresh out of school, Nexion has a place for you.”
“Nexion is a breath of fresh air. I just left my career in sales and was looking for something different,” explained Byron Garvey, owner of Castle Hills Travel in Dallas, TX.  “Thanks to Nexion, I now realize the travel industry is a perfect fit for me.”
The camaraderie in connecting with other agents is something Clarissa Streetman, owner of Streetman Travel in Austin, TX, found beneficial, Nexion reports. “What a bonus to meet all the great people from many different areas of the U.S.,” she said.
The registration deadline is April 25 for Nexion’s May Boot Camp. The third Boot Camp of the year will be held August 1-3, 2012.  


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