Nexion Reports Air Sales Growth

travel agentNexion reports a successful first year for its SNAP! (Simple Nexion Air Program), including a 85 percent increase in air, car, and hotel bookings to date through SNAP! as compared to bookings during the same time period the year prior using Nexion’s previous solution.
Nexion says the overall year-over-year air sales are up over 13 percent and that the SNAP!  has been well-received among agents. SNAP! was officially launched in September 2011 and offers agents a non-GDS booking platform for air, car, hotel and rail. The program is backed by a support desk which helps agents manage bookings.

"We offer extensive training for our agents on how to sell air, as well as to guide them on how to acquire more and more of those bookings,” said Robbi Hamida, Director of Strategic Air Programs for Nexion. “With SNAP!, agents have the peace of mind in knowing we’re here to help them succeed in meeting their clients’ end-to-end travel needs in all components of a trip, thus further enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.”

SNAP! provides the type of web-based platform most Nexion agents are familiar with and it works seamlessly with both airport codes and city names, Nexion says.  Agents are guided through the program to decide which booking options and seat selections are best for their customers. 

Nexion also offers a team of in-house experts to assist Nexion agents in booking the most logical air options for their customers. The team helps in creating a booking to quality control, ticketing, trip alerts, and follow-up all the way through the completion of the trip. The team answers any questions about airline bookings to ensure the client is taken care of in a timely manner with accurate information.

Nexion is a wholly-owned branch of Tzell Travel Group (a Travel Leaders Group company), and a host agency since 1995.


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