Nexion Reports Success of Social Networking Site

keyboardNexion reports a  milestone as 10,000 questions have now been posted on its  social networking site, “Nexion Town.” Debuted in 2008, Nexion Town allows agents to create a profile, search and explore other agent profiles, ask and answer questions about any topic related to their business, and blog. Nexion says to date, roughly 1,960 - or about 61 percent -  of Nexion agents are actively using the online community to connect with fellow agents, suppliers and Nexion staff.

“Nexion Town encourages collaboration rather than competition – connecting our agents, many of whom work alone from their homes,” said Nexion President Jackie Friedman. “Our agents say Nexion has a family feel and Nexion Town is an integral part of that collaborative culture we provide as a host agency. The more our agents can connect with one another, the more successful they will be, and in turn, the more successful Nexion will be.”

Nexion says the site gives its independent home-based professionals an arena meant to resemble an office environment – giving them a place to interact no matter where they are based throughout the country.

In addition to the knowledge the agents gain from networking with their peers, they can join one of nearly 130 groups related to a specific niche, a Nexion event, or topics of common interest. Agents can view popular search terms, called “smarts” to find information on previously discussed topics. Nexion Town even tracks agent interactions and awards “karma” to those who are the most engaged.

Nexion agent Susan Wilcox – owner of Tortoise & Hare Travel in Davis, CA –  among the most active users on Nexion Town commented: “Nexion Town is my social media ‘home town.’ It’s where I live online,” she said. “The breadth and depth of knowledge and insight that Nexion agents collectively possess is phenomenal. Nexion agents are continually reaping the benefits of the thoughtful, conscientious, and mutually supportive conversations that take place in Nexion Town.”

Another Nexion agent Steve Brown – owner of Paynless Travel in Brighton, MI – said: “For me Nexion Town has been that really smart and experienced agent that sits at the next desk, but I don’t have to move them into my home office. It has allowed me to share some of my experiences and talk travel – something everyone in this business seems to enjoy doing.”

Nexion is  a wholly-owned branch of Tzell Travel Group (a Travel Leaders Group company),  and has been a host agency since 1995.