North America Third Largest Aviation Market Behind Asia-Pacific, Europe

Forbidden City, BeijingIn its August 2010 edition, Official Airline Guide (OAG) reported increases in scheduled airline seat capacity within North America for the first time since 2007. In August 2009, seat capacity within the continent increased by 1 percent— totaling 79.9 million seats available domestically— while seat capacity to and from North America has grown 4 percent to 19.1. Frequency of flights has increased 1 percent to total 885,078 scheduled flights. Including domestic and international seat capacity, at 99 million seats, North America's total follows Asia Pacific's 109.6 million and Europe's 105.5 million.

Throughout North America, seat capacity growth has leveled out, increasing by 0 percent in major airports, including Dallas/Fort Worth and Las Vegas McCarran. Faring slightly better, Atlanta and San Francisco's growth increased by one percent, while Miami saw an increase of five percent

By August 2010, the Asia Pacific region will see a 10 percent seat growth above last year, 18 percent above 2007 and 74 percent above 2001. Continuing its reign, China has grown 175 percent since 2001, matching thecountry's economy, which is now the second largest worldwide. China's cities have grown as well, with Shanghai at 14 percent, Beijing at 8 percent and Hong Kong (7 percent).

Domestically, Europe's growth will hit 7 percent to 78.9 million seats, including an increase of flights by 5 percent with more than 600,000 flights added during August. Internationally, seat capacity will increase by 7 percent to 26.6 million, and scheduled flights will increase by 8 percent to 118,433. Topping Europe's markets were Rome, (9 percent), Frankfurt (6 percent) and Amsterdam (6 percent).

Worldwide, seat capacity and frequency are scheduled to increase by 7 percent and 6 percent respectively, to 335.5 million seats and 2.7 million flights. Data included from the July 2010 edition of OAG FACTS (Frequency And Capacity Trend Statistics) can be found to download at


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