NTA Meets With Egyptian Officials

NTA President Lisa Simon met with Egyptian Consul Hani Nagi and Egyptian Deputy Chief of Mission Yasser Elnaggar at the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, D.C. The NTA said that the group discussed the favorable tourism situation in Egypt and NTA's plans for an upcoming mission to promote travel to the region.

“While Egyptian museums, sites and attractions are open and travelers are returning, there is still uncertainty. As it has done in other crisis situations, such as last year's Gulf Coast Oil Spill, NTA hopes to draw attention to the broader story that the region is safe and stable and travelers should return.”

Simon and NTA Chairman Cathy Greteman are in D.C. this week to attend the Sister Cities International conference. Simon and Greteman are meeting up with NTA Public Affairs Advocate Steve Richer for more meetings in the U.S. capital and later, in New York. The three are meeting with industry and Congressional leaders, the NTA reports.

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