NTA Welcomes New Congressional CTTC Leaders

The announcement that U.S. Representative Jo Bonner (R-AL) would join Representative Sam Farr (D-CA) as co-chair of the Congressional Travel & Tourism Caucus (CTTC) came as welcome news to NTA, according to Lisa Simon, president of the association.

"These two congressmen make a dynamic leadership combination, and they both understand the economic and job-creating power of travel and tourism," said Simon. "We already know what a phenomenal leader Congressman Farr has been on the travel caucus for more than a decade. He represents the California district that includes Monterey Bay, which is such a vibrant tourism area. And now Congressman Bonner has joined him in a leadership role. Coming from the Alabama Gulf Coast, Bonner has been through the challenges of Katrina and the Gulf spill. He understands the interdependent relationship between tourism and local economies."

The travel caucus, more than 100 members strong during the previous Congress, develops legislation promoting U.S. travel and tourism, such as the Travel Promotion Act signed by the president in 2010.

"We know that both congressmen will focus on elevating domestic tourism, a huge economic engine in our country," Simon said. "Ours is a $700 billion industry that employs nearly 8 million people."

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