OASIS Launches Agent Sales Training

travel agentOASIS, a host agency for home based independent travel agents, reports the launch of its new Future Agent Sales Training Program (FAST). The FAST program is designed for new home-based travel agents, who can jump-start their business by enrolling in the  program.

Kelly Bergin, OASIS vice president of business development said: "FAST provides future agents with product, destination, and proprietary SigNet training. The FAST enrollee is then partnered with an experienced agent to mentor and help the new agent quickly enter this explosive industry."

Agents also gain access to industry marketing tools through the Signature Travel Network, Bergin notes.

OASIS says their business model allows agents to join the program with no initiation fees. They receive 100 percent commission minus a  transaction processing fee. Individuals entering the FAST program receive comprehensive, ongoing education, access to a customer relationship management database and other benefits.

"With a significant decline in brick and mortar travel agencies, the demand for the value-added, customer-focused services home-based travel agents can offer is soaring," OASIS said.

OASIS, the Outside Agents Sales Integration System, is a division of Smart Travel Group of Boca Raton, Florida.

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