Off-Season Vacations


hilton orlando pool
All quiet at the main pool at the Hilton Orlando

The first thing I noticed when I walked into JFK's JetBlue Terminal yesterday for my flight to Orlando was how quiet it was. There were no people, no lines, no chaos. There were actually more JetBlue employees at the ticket windows than customers waiting on line.

It dawned on me that with Labor Day passed and the kids back in school, this is the perfect time to take a vacation. That became more apparent during the quiet flight (when was the last time you flew to Orlando without a slew of screaming kids?) and upon arrival at the new Hilton Orlando, where the main pool was as quiet as the "quiet" pool.

Home-based agents might take this time of year to reach out to their single clients and those without kids to sell them a quiet or romantic holiday. A lot of people have skipped their summer vacation this year and may be regretting that: having a resort almost to themselves might be the selling point they need to change their minds. And the great deals are still in place. While some might be concerned about the weather (hurricane season is still a factor in some Caribbean and Mexican destinations), many resorts and airlines are now throwing in weather guarantees to add peace of mind.

And while I'm on the subject, Orlando might be a great off-season option for your clients. All of the attractions are still open, just a lot less crowded. And there's plenty to do for adults in this vibrant vacation destination. I'll be headed out shortly for a tour of the "other" Orlando (the one without the Mouse) and will be reporting back to all of you soon on things to do and enjoy in this city. Or your clients can just kick back and enjoy a quiet day at the pool.

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