Ogg Launches New Online Community

A new professional, online community has been created by Tom Ogg & Associates for travel professionals. The new, social networking community allows travel professionals to communicate globally with one another, according to Tom Ogg, founder of HBTACommunity.com.

Travel agents may ask questions, post responses and participate in global forum discussions with other agents. They may share travel videos, pictures, and create personal blogs for other members to follow. They also have access to a number of tools to network with agents who share similar market niches and interests. The substantial profile information allows agents to build relationships with other agents and suppliers alike.

“Members of the travel industry are, by nature, communicators," said Ogg. "We love to talk with each other, share experiences and learn about the world we sell. It seemed we should take advantage of today’s technology to allow that to happen for all of us who work in today’s global travel community,” said Ogg.

Suppliers are also welcome to join the community, Ogg said. They can disseminate product information from their blogs and post upcoming seminars, fams or other gatherings in the events calendar. Suppliers may communicate with hundreds of agents that may be looking for their specific product or service.

There is no charge or fee of any kind to join or belong to the community. Everyone is invited to participate. In just the first week online, more than 350 travel professionals joined the HBTACommunity.com as members, Ogg reports.

Visit www.HBTACommunity.com.

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